Coronavirus and Classes

As we have recently been reclassified as a Tier 4 area, we are awaiting government guidance as to when we can restart classes in our Covid-secure studio. Please note any classes that are unable to take place due to government restrictions will be rebooked at a later date so please do not worry. All vouchers bought for classes will be extended if necessary.

Our fully-equipped sewing studio is not only beautiful but is fully COVID-19 secure. We’re following all government guidance for further education venues and have made some changes to our already robust hygiene processes. These include:

No-Contact Temperature Check
Upon arrival all students will have a contact-free forehead temperature check before entering the studio. Anyone with a temperature above 38 degrees will be asked to leave and rebook.

Hand Hygiene
Everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands thoroughly upon arrival to the studio and there are hand sanitisers at every workstation to encourage regular cleaning.
Increased Studio Space
We’ve moved our studio space around to ensure everyone has ample room and to allow maximum space between students. We’re very lucky that we have our large purpose built studio upstairs now so can easily distance.
The studio layout also minimises face-to-face contact so students work side-by-side at a distance which is the safest way for groups to work according to government guidance.
We’ll ensure doors and windows are opened wherever possible to allow for good ventilation.
All students will be asked to store their belongings under their individual workspaces. Please only bring belongings that are absolutely necessary during your time at the studio.
Face Masks
We ask all students to wear a face mask upon arrival to the studio and whilst moving between work stations, unless medically exempt. You may remove your mask when sitting/standing at your station. All workstations are 2m apart and there is no face-to-face contact.
As per government guidance, which acknowledges that mask hinder teaching, your teacher may not wear a mask when moving round the room to teach, however they will maintain social distancing and if they need to approach you they will wear a mask. They’ll also sanitise their hands before and after touching your sewing machine or any tools.
Individual Sewing Kits & Tools
Each student will have their own Prym Sewing Kit provided at their workstation for their use during the class. These are all thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after each class, as are all sewing machines and surfaces. Students will be provided with their own set of pins to use at the start of their class and keep to avoid having to share these.
Cleaning & Sanitising
Whilst keeping the studio clean has always been a priority, in the current times we have increased our cleaning of all surfaces and equipment using antibacterial cleaners and disposable towels. We’ve also invested in a UV Sanitising wand for an extra precaution for all our tools and equipment. There will be antibacterial wipes on hand for any shared equipment, such as irons.
Sadly due to the current restrictions we are not able to provide our usual refreshments of tea/coffee/cakes & biscuits. We apologise and thank you for your understanding. Water will be available, please do bring your own bottle/flask/snacks to enjoy during your class.


Coronavirus and the Shop

As we are now in a Tier 4 area (Berkshire) our shop is sadly closed from 20th December 2020. Please see our Visit Us page for more info.

Our shop is fully Covid-19 secure and we’ll delighted to welcome you back into our safe, friendly sewing haven!

We ask all our customers to maintain social distance and to kindly wear a mask unless medically exempt.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance before touching the fabrics.

Only 2 households (maximum of 4 people) will be able to enter the shop at once, and we have a one-way entrance and exit to avoid close contact.

Our shop is currently only accepting card payment, thank you for your understanding.